About this site

About this site

Welcome to C’YAVAYA!

Our name, C’YAVAYA, is a whimsical twist on the Zulu phrase "Siya Vaya," which translates to "we are going" or "we are off."


As a couple currently residing in the United States, our lives are filled with demanding full-time jobs that keep us busy day in and day out. However, there's a persistent item on our bucket list that we're incredibly eager to check off - embarking on an extended travel adventure. Despite our limited opportunities to travel due to our work commitments, our passion for exploration led us to create the C’YAVAYA blog.

The Blog

This blog serves a dual purpose in our lives. Firstly, it acts as an ever-present source of inspiration and motivation, driving us to pursue our travel dreams with unwavering determination. Secondly, it provides us with a platform to share our shorter trips and leisure activities with all of you.

Join Us

We warmly invite you to accompany us on our journey as we meticulously document our adventures, offer valuable travel tips, and share the sheer joy of discovering new places. C’YAVAYA is a testament to our commitment to striking a harmonious balance between our deep-seated yearning for adventure and the responsibilities of our everyday lives.

Our ultimate aspiration is to ignite a spark within you, inspiring you to take steps toward realizing your own travel dreams, one small stride at a time. Stick with us, and let C’YAVAYA be your trusted companion on the path to transforming your travel aspirations into vivid, unforgettable realities.